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Drink Hydorgen water・Inhale Hydrogen water
For those who want to extend their healthy life expectancy


Hydrogen water
Hydrogen water suction bottle
Guidance of My Shintosui Water Jet

Ultra-high concentration hydrogen inhalation for daily therapy

"Active oxygen" removal with hydrogen! My Shintosui Jet uses a cannula (inhalation tube) to inhale high-concentration hydrogen through the nose. The action of hydrogen removes the bad active oxygen that causes aging and disease. By inhaling continuously, you can feel the effect.

※ Hydrogen is tasteless and odorless, so you can inhale without discomfort.

The beauty of hydrogen

Many antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and coenzyme Q10 are known, but hydrogen is, of course, recognized as a type of antioxidant.

Hydrogen is a very small substance compared to other antioxidants, so it spreads to every corner of the body, effectively detoxifying active oxygen.

Hydrogen can also pass through the blood-brain barrier (BBB), which cannot pass through vitamins and high-molecular substances, and can approach the malicious active oxygen in brain cells.

This is the actual hydrogen suction.

You can relax in your room.


Model: AWH003-S
Color: White/Pink
Charger voltage: DC12V
Rated voltage: DC7.4V
Operating temperature range: 0℃ ~ 40℃
: 300cc
Weight: 217g
Dimensions: Ф60 x L202mm
Hydrogen generation time: 3min30sec / 30min
Dissolved hydrogen concentration: 1200ppb or more
Hydrogen gas concentration: 38000ppm
Hydrogen gas flow rate: 76 mL / min (measured by measurement certification establishment)
Number of generations when fully charged: 40 times or more / 4 times
Accessories: Charging stand / AC-DC adapter / Handy porch / Nostril cannula Material: Bottle-PCTG resin / Core unit cap-ABS resin / Silicon plug-Silicon

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Featured hydrogen

Function of Hydrogen

What is bad active oxygen?

Reactive oxygen is constantly generated in cells due to many causes.

In recent years, active oxygen, which is an immune system that protects the body from viruses, has unstable properties and tries to stabilize it by depriving normal cells of oxygen. At this time, it is said that cells and DNA are damaged, causing diseases such as arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, cancer and lifestyle-related diseases and aging.


Hydroxy Radical


World's smallest molecule hydrogen

Hydrogen is the smallest of the elements and penetrates the end part where other elements cannot reach.

Hydrogen's oxidizing substance reducing power combines with active oxygen, which is considered to be one of the sources of aging, and has the role of discharging water.

Various studies have also demonstrated that it has anti-allergic ingredients.

Difference between hydrogen inhalation and hydrogen water

Since hydrogen is taken in as a gas, it can take up hydrogen several times in hydrogen water in a short time. Because, it can be inhaled directly from the lungs, it is not affected by stomach acid, allowing hydrogen to reach the body through the blood.

When absorbed from the lungs, it is said that it travels quickly through the brain, and hydrogen travels to the toes and fingertips.

How often should I receive it?

The time for hydrogen to stay in the body varies from individual to individual, but is said to be 7 to 76 hours. If you inhale regularly, every few days or every day, you will feel more effect.

 Reactive oxygen is produced in our bodies every day, so it can be expected to be more effective if we continue it regularly.

Reactions that occur during and after hydrogen inhalation

Hydrogen, which has been linked to bad reactive oxygen, has been converted into harmless water and is discharged, so there is no burden on the body, but some people may experience the following symptoms.

~ Drowsiness ~

This is due to Θ theta waves coming out of the brain.

I think that it is better to refrain from before driving long hours

~ Frequent urination ~

This is because hydrogen combines with active oxygen and tries to excrete it out of the body as urine and sweat

~ Limb discomfort ~

The phenomenon that occurs when hydrogen spreads to the capillaries and performs antioxidant activity.


Some people may perceive a tingling sensation or sensation

*image a

We also measure blood flow. (*image is the blood flow measurement device.)


For blood flow measurement and hydrogen inhalation, we also provide our Kawashima Building office or home consultation service.


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When measuring, hydrogen inhalation is also possible, but if you purchase a cannula (*see image b) for 1100 yen, you can inhale for free.

*image b